Richardson Family

Panama has been home for Nathan and Clare Richardson since 2009. They serve through Crossroads Christian Academy (CCA) where Nathan is on the administration team and serves as the Athletic Director. The school is 30% Panamanian, while the remaining students hold international passports (22% are American citizens). Because of the Panama Canal, the country is a true mix of people from all over the world, making it a large international hub, yet also home to seven large indigenous people groups.

In the last four years, Nathan has developed a 4-day afterschool program where 30% of the students are involved each afternoon. Nathan began Community Outreach for middle school and high school students to serve their community half of a school day, once a month. The two main projects include an orphanage, Malambo, near the school, and an inner city safe house, Juntos Podemos. This year, Nathan started the Student Council for CCA, which he also oversees.

Clare is the head coach of the girls high school soccer team, while Nathan oversees all the various teams. Clare also uses her love of organization to plan all the extra events the community encounters.

The Richardson's roles—and their relationships—have increased each year they have lived in the hot Panamanian jungle! The importance of longevity within the transient community of internationals has been very evident. One of their main roles outside of the school involves the use of their home, which serves as a kind of vortex for teachers and students, as well as others in and outside the CCA community. The Richardsons have five children, Ro (7), Essie (5), Field (4), and they were surprised with twin girls, Laney and Berdie, born in Panama in 2012.

From Nathan and Clare

We attended Fellowship Bible Church for six years before moving to Panama. It was Fellowship that challenged us five years ago to live "Beyond Belief" and we are still living in a way that is beyond our capacity to believe! Neither of us ever planned to be "missionaries" or serve globally in a way that meant selling our new house and taking our three kids (three and under) away from everything familiar and safe and going global. We are proof that God blesses (even in ways mysterious) when we live in such a way!