Strategic Partners

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Fellowship’s global strategy involves locking arms with like-minded, strategic ministry partners worldwide. Some of those with whom we partner are sent from here to serve with various mission organizations. Others are leaders indigenous to particular countries and cultures who possess not only the gifts and skills necessary for leadership, but who also have immediate access to cultures and languages not readily accessible to us. Click on the links below to learn more about a particular ministry partner.


  James Baak   Peter Garang Deng, ALARM - Lietnhom, Sudan  
Angel Barrientos
CMA Church
Comas, Peru
  James Baak
South Sudan
  Peter Garang Deng
South Sudan
  Aniefiok Udo
Fellowship Bible Church
Ikot Ekpene, Nigeria
Rosemary Khamati       Andrey Kravtsev
Rosemary Khamati
PEACE International
South Sudan
  Steffen Weil
Potsdam, Germany
  Dinislam Salpagarov
New Life Church
Karachaevsk, Russia
  Andrey Kravtsev
Northern Caucasus Bible Institute
Prokhladny, Russia
Darko Mikulic          
Darko Mikulic
Slavonski Brod Baptist Church

Fellowship Members Serving Globally

Emily Ryan 155px Fletcher & Mary Elizabeth Maynard
Ken & Irene Edgar
The Richardsons
Crossroads Gospel Association
Emily Ryan
Sixty Feet
Kampala, Uganda
The Maynards
Campus Crusade
Duke University
O'Connor Family 155px Freeman Family 155px Amy Sara Schwartz 155px Jordyn Elrod 155px
John & Molly O'Connor
Potsdam, Germany
Ronnie & Leslie Freeman
Potsdam, Germany
Amy & Sara Schwartz
Hellenic Ministries
Jordyn Elrod
Network of International Schools
Nairobi, Kenya
Sarah Crane 155px Joy Beth Bodie Emily Crane  
Sarah Crane
World Harvest Mission
Bundibugyo, Uganda
Joy Beth Bodie
Kigali, Rwanda
Emily Crane
Campus Crusade for Christ
East Asia