Embracing God's Passionate Heart for Orphans

Orphan Baby 170px Moses Basket is a ministry of Fellowship families who have embraced God’s passionate heart for orphans. Our homes and hearts are being opened and shaped to receive the incredible blessing that comes by way of adoption, foster care, and global humanitarian orphan care.

The Need

Over 143 million orphans exist in the world today and in the United States alone there are 520,000 children in foster care of which 120,000 are adoptable. In Tennessee, over 800 kids age-out per year without ever finding their “forever family.” We, the Church, must address this crisis.

Our Community

Masters Family 170pxIf you scan the hallways of Fellowship, you will see the fruits of faithful families who have chosen, not the path of comfort and ease, but the path of purpose and calling. You will see faces of Russia, Guatemala, Korea, China, USA, Peru, Romania, Moldova, Liberia, Ethiopia, Ukraine, Lithuania, and India. And, if you look closely you will see the faces of Christ.

The Purpose of Moses Basket

The purpose of Moses Basket is to support families in every phase of adoption and foster care. Our plan includes the following:

Educate and Inform the church about the need for orphan care, and the processes of adoption/foster care by hosting conferences, seminars, and classes.  

Support families through prayer, personal contact, encouragement, provision, and advice. We seek to develop a mentoring environment between families who have already fostered/adopted and those that are in the process. We encourage development of adoption and foster care community groups to provide front-line support.

Resource adoptive families with financial coaching and recommendations regarding adoption agencies and scholarship/grant organizations.  

Coach pre-adoption/foster families.

Mobilize our members to create a global influence through mission trips to international orphanages.

Network with other churches, agencies, and groups to lift the message of adoption/foster care in the Middle Tennessee community.

How To Get Involved

Marty Schwieterman, Pastor of Children's Ministries (277-9560 or )

Important Links

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