Our Story

Fellowship is a church plant of Fellowship Bible Church in Little Rock, Arkansas.
In the winter of 1997, a small group of people began dreaming about a church where God’s glory was paramount and God’s people expressed that glory as they matured in the faith and were equipped to give their lives away. By God’s grace, we would seek to move what we believed about God’s Word from our heads to our hearts and hands.
By September of 1997, we began meeting on Sunday mornings in the cafeteria of Franklin High School to be equipped in the basics of living the life of Christ and sharing His life with others. On March 8, 1998, Fellowship Bible Church held its first public worship service at Franklin High School.
Then, nearly five years later, on February 2, 2003, our “portable church” gave way to yet another new beginning, as we moved onto our campus on Franklin Road in the heart of Brentwood, opening new doors of ministry to each other, to our community and to those around the world.
Today, that one small group has become several hundred small groups that make up Fellowship Bible Church.
You will find no perfect people at Fellowship, just people who are choosing to live honestly in their flaws and foolishness. We are people who are finding that God delights in redeeming what is lost, restoring what is broken, and instilling hope in hopeless situations. We are people constantly being surprised by God’s grace, overwhelmed by His mercy and kindness.
We’re not through dreaming. In fact, seeing what God has done, we believe He wants to do even more. And so we will continue to proclaim Christ to all who will hear, help mature those who believe, and live to give our lives away both here and around the world.